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About Us

We are a group of backpackers love to travel. We like to tour around and habitual note of the local landscape, from the situation encountered as a major tourist.

In New Zealand has many beautiful scenery spot, towering Sam Rainsy, blue ocean, steep canyons and blue lakes, etc., are everywhere leisurely exudes the aura, attracting many domestic and tourist comes to visit. For many travelers, road transport is the most disturbing part of the case due to unfamiliarity with the road and travel attractions, hence often wasted a lot of time on transportation, tourism quality is compromised ~

What is the meaning of your trip? What are you expect while travelling? Perhaps reward yourself, spend time with your love and children, parents, or to know the country & experience local culture... etc. Maybe you would like to for a deeper and more independent chartered travel services, I believe that every customer traveling abroad, are looking forward to the holiday fun and pleasure!

This is what we want to introduce an easy way to travel the most suitable for your travel plans, and make our every effort to meet your needs - be able to enjoy comfortable, fulfilling travel itinerary is the most real sense ~